Random Statistics from my 2017 / 18 Hiking Adventure

A few weeks ago I just completed a 15 month hiking adventure. I thought that you all might the random statistics that I pulled from this trip interesting.

Length of trip: 461, Easter 2017 (372 days on trails)

Distance hiked: 9,126 miles / 14,602km

Countries hiked in: 4 (England, Scotland, Wales, USA)

Trails or routes hiked on: 15

Trails or routes completed: 12

National Parks visited: 27

National Forests visited: 57

Total cost: $17,300

Cost per day: $37.50, less on trail and more on the 89 days in cities

Cost per mile: $1.90, again less while on trail

Distance hiked solo: 7,879 miles / 12,607km

Coldest night: -5F / -20.5C (January on the Appalachian Trail)

Coldest day with windchill: approx.-15F / -26C (AT)

Hottest day: 114F / 45.5C (Ashland, PCT)

Longest stretch of temps below freezing: 7 days

Mylar balloons found and packed out: 34

Distance hiking routes (unsigned / cross country): 1442 miles / 2307km (maybe an extra 300ish miles if the 2017 Sierra snow counts??)
Longest distance hiked in a month: 873 miles / 1397km, including 2 zero days (PCT, Oregon + Washington)

Longest distance hiked in a day: 70 miles / 112km (South Downs Way)

Shoes worn out: 13 pairs (average 702 miles per pair)

Most miles from a pair of shoes: 1,100 / 1750km

Shirts worn out: 7

Socks worn out: 19

Underwear worn out: 5

Longest stretch without a shower: 14 days (Hayduke)

Longest stretch without washing my clothes: 32 days (Hayduke + AzT)

Most days of food carried: 8 (High Sierra Route)

Most water carried: 6L (Hayduke)

Heaviest pack weight: approx. 28 pounds / 13kg (Hayduke, 5 days of food and 6L of water)

Lightest Base Weight (pack weight without food or water): 4.8 pounds / 2.2kg (PCT)

Heaviest Base Weight: 15 pounds / 6.8kg (AT with Snow Shoes)

Normal base weight: ~6 pounds / 3kg


Beard cuts: 0.5

Words written in my journal: 135,109

Wildlife sightings:

  • 2 mountain lions
  • 9 bears
  • 1 wolf
  • 7 rattlesnakes
  • a 1 day old fawn
  • 2 moose
  • 1 Gila Monster
  • 1 Boar (AT, it bloody charged me!)
  • 7 bald eagles

Witnessed: 3 people crossing from Mexico

Days sick: 2 (Norovirus, San Juans on the CDT)

Days hiked on snow: 57 Days (24 on the AT, 29 on the PCT, 3 on the SHR, 1 on the AzT)

Favourite area: Escalante National Monument and High Sierra

Favourite day: Forester and Kersarge pass’ with total snow coverage

Times I washed my sleeping bag: 2

Injuries: 4

  • Pinched nerve in my hip that I have had for 7k miles
  • I rolled my ankle
  • 2 x foot swelling

Estimated steps on trail: 21,800,000 (0.7m / step)

Average steps per day: 58,000

Average calories on trail per day: 4,500 kcal

Calories per day eaten in the Sierra due to total snow coverage: 6,700 kcal and I lost weight

Average calorie density: 130 Cal per oz / 460 Cal per 100g

Average weight of food carried: just over 2.2 lbs / 1kg

Dry weight of cous cous consumed: 130 lbs / 59kg (1 pack a day)

Approximate weight of Peanut M&Ms consumed: 81 lbs / 37kg

Favourite restaurant: Paradise Cafe (PCT)

Single sitting 16 inch family pizzas attempted: 7

Single sitting 16 inch family pizzas consumed: 0

Times I ran out of water: 4 (PCT, Hayduke, AzT, AT due to frozen streams)

Frozen water bottles: 1

US states hiked in: 19

US state high points: 7

Times I shit myself: 2 (this happens to a lot of hikers at some point, but not really spoken about! Once on the Hayduke from possible food poisoning and the other was when I had Norovirus on the CDT)

Times I passed out: 1

Most interesting day: Bobcat attack to my hiking partner while off trail canyoneering on the AzT that turned into a night hiked 40 mile day to get to the nearest highway. We headed into Phoenix the next day for rabies shots. Bobcats, wading through cactus and scrambling turned into a high adventure alternative.

Bee, wasp or hornet stings: 6 (1 on the PCT, 5 on the Wonderland Trail)LRM_EXPORT_20180808_202634

Items lost:
1 tent
1 wallet
1 inflatable mattress
3 spoons (I had one for over 6,000 miles)
1 headphone
1 windpant
1 glove
4 socks

Items broken:
2 trekking poles
1 Aqua Mira (leak)
5 holes in new NeoAir mattress (fault with seal and replaced)
2 sun glasses
1 MP3 player
1 Powerbank (dropped in water)

Items retired:
1 Enlightened Equipment Sleeping Enigma Quilt (Long Term Review)
1 Mountain Laurel Designs Burn
1 NeoAir mattress
1 Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho