Pacific Crest Trail – Day 90 (23 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail – Day 90 (23 miles)

The hiking this morning was amazing. Goat Rock is probably the best 10 miles of the trail.

I got up and traversed along the section I was following last night. After only a few miles the trail opened up onto a huge meadow with patches of snow still remaining from last winter. Looking back, I could see Mt Adams.

The trail then climbed up onto the ridge to views of the Goat Rock knife edge ridge pointing towards Mt Rainer. Is this the best view of the trail?

After taking numerous pictures and one failed video, I started the traverse around Old Snowy. It was steep and there were still some snow patches that had frozen overnight.

I was then standing at the start of the knife edge. It was spectacular.
I set up my camera on a rock to get a photo of myself walking down it. When I turned back to collect my camera, a strong gust of wind had pushed it off the ledge. It had fallen face first and not only got dust in the lens but damaged the lens enough that it would not retract. I think it is totally broken!

I quickly put what could not be helped aside and enjoyed the walk down the ridge, while soaking in the view of Rainer.

After a couple of miles of this, it was time to leave. The trail turned down into a meadow. I washed my clothes and eat here before dropping into the valley and to the highway.

I arrived at the highway, turned left and walked the half mile to the ski lodge. I was in time for lunch. While eating I completed some chores. I purchased a plane ticket from the end of this trip to San Francisco, upgraded my phone to hopefully replace my camera.

I then noticed how close the Wonderland Trail was. I decided to head there and complete it in two huge days of hiking.

I resupplied from the gas station for this unexpected 96 mile (150km) side trip and stuck out my thumb for a ride.

I eventually got a ride. She lived only half a mile from the trail. She invited me back to her place and a party she was hosting.
I had a shower and joined in the fun, eventually getting to bed at 3. Tomorrow’s long day of hiking might feel even longer.

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