Arizona Trail – Day 10 (31 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 10 (31 miles)

I packed up after a thoroughly good night’s sleep and hit the trail.
The black mud water that I collected from the lake/cow pond last night had settled. It was still muddy, but I could now see through the bottle. I sculled the water in one so I did not have to taste it.

I have to say I had a pretty good but rather uneventful day after I finished drinking the black water mentioned above.

It was a fantastically fresh morning that was just above freezing. However, the sun was rising above the horizon to start warming up the day.

I continued to walk above Lake Mary on the Anderson Mesa. Past Horse Lake, where I filled up with water for the 16 miles to the next decent source.

I then headed across to Mormon Lake. It is a rather big lake for this area especially, but I could not see it. I was up the bank walking through possibility the nicest section of forest to date on this trail.
This trail turned into walking next to an old logging railway from the 1920’s. It was flat, easy walking. In fact, the whole trail to date has been remarkably flat. The lovely forest continued, interrupted occasionally by interesting information plaques on the logger’s who used to work in these woods over a century beforehand.

I stopped for lunch at a small creek. It was actually flowing! How beautiful is it to see flowing water in the desert, in the fall as well!

Not long after lunch, I put in the headphones for some music. This caused the afternoon to shoot by. Before I knew it the sun was setting, casting a golden light over the grassy meadow that I was walking through. It was gorgeous.

Just after 6 pm, the light faded enough in the forest that I turned the torch on. I walked a mile or so until I came to a pretty clean cow pond, filling a litre and then continuing for a few minutes until I found a nice flat spot to set up camp.

A good quality day. I cannot wait until I start getting some hills in another 100 miles or so.

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