Arizona Trail – Day 13 (14 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 13 (14 miles)

I woke up at my usual time of first light, but I covered my eyes and went back to sleep. I did the math last night and I have 20ish days of hiking left but 30 days to finish. Time for side adventures!

I could not sleep any longer, I already have 12 hrs of the night for that! I got up and got moving. I continued along the Mogollon Rim that I started yesterday. There is a trail that traverses a fair chunk of it called the Highline Trail might be worth checking out from what I have seen. Lush valleys mixed with desert and some excellent rock formations – simply gorgeous!
After a few miles, I descended of the rim and down to Pine Trailhead. I then had a road walk into town. To be frank, the road was in a right old mess with trash everywhere. It was an awful sight.

I continued on shaking my head unable to contemplate why people would throw stuff out of their cars.
In town, I headed straight to the breakfast cafe. Bacon, eggs and a few pancakes later I was full. I drank coffee while I waited for my devices to charge and then headed to the grocery store to resupply.

It was not a great selection. Biscuits, instant potatoes, PB wraps and doughnuts will be my menu for the next few days. I also got a roll of rubbish bags.
Speaking to my family back home I walked up and down the highway for the afternoon picking up bottles, plastic, foil, shoes, cigarettes and other items I could not even identify. I hardly made a dent in the amount of litter between the town and trailhead. It was disheartening but every little bit helps!

With an hour to go before sunset, I gave up on my spring cleaning and walked the road a final time. I managed to get about 3 miles up into the hills again before night fell.

I was not tired so I got my headlight out and continued into the night for a while. I’m not a huge fan of this and eventually got bored and found a flat spot to camp.

I had reception at camp so I wasted half my phone battery looking at impressive Halloween costumes. Whereas I, on the other hand, wore my shirt from @thunderboltsportswear back to front all day. It’s hard dressing up when I only have one set of clothes!

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