Arizona Trail – Day 15 (29 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 15 (29 miles)

I woke up in the wash at 4 am rather cold. My sleeping bag had been saturated by heavy condensation and was providing no warmth. Not the best campsite but it was my only option last night as I was searching after dark.

I slept in a bit as when the sun finally came up I was finally warm.

When I got going, I climbed up from the wash. I continued up for a few hours into the Mazatzal Mountains. Halfway up I met Mother D, a fellow AzT Thru-Hiker. They were having a break and I followed suit, taking the opportunity to dry out my sleeping bag in the sun that had just come out of the clouds

She is a teacher and planned to hike this trail over 5 years ago. Her husband was along for the section, but he generally ran a support vehicle and met her as often as possible.

I continued up to Horse Camp Seep. The reviews of this water were poor, but I was pleasantly surprised that the puddle left in the rocks was rather good, with only a few bugs in it.

I continued to climb and got up on the Mazatzal Divide Trail ranges. It was absolutely brilliant! The trail wound its way along ridges for almost 20 miles (32km). The desert trail has wide open views, with a different mountain visible from every twist and turn of the trail.

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