Arizona Trail – Day 17 (28 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 17 (28 miles)

Cake decided to come with me for the 90-mile leg to Superior. It has been a long time since I’ve hiked with anyone.

We camped a mile away from the trailhead, just off a dirt road. It was a nice camp spot except for the precession of hunters that started coming through at 3 am. How keen could they be?

We went down the dirt road for just over a mile and then crossed a wash to rejoin the AzT. It was then a fairly straightforward climb back up into the mountains.

At one stage on the way up we were overrun by spikey bushes that left a multitude of small cuts over my shins and hands.

We stopped for morning tea when we reached the top of the climb and then continued along a dirt road to Brown’s Peak that we climbed a few days ago.

It was great to have some company. We spread out along the road and could talk easily to one another as we got ever closer to Brown’s. During this time, Lake Roosevelt, where we will be tomorrow, presented itself 5000ft (1.6km) a below us. I’m pretty sure the lake is Phoenix’s drinking water – It’s a bloody big lake.

20 miles (32km) into the day we got off the dirt road to a single track, but more importantly a spring. We sat around having lunch by the spring, trying to take up time so we did not walk too far.

After filling up water for the 20 odd miles to Roosevelt, we hit the trail. If my skin was slightly shredded from bushing through brush this morning, I am privileged enough to have a second helping for a remaining couple of hours. Luckily most of the plants did not have thorns because my legs would be bleeding stumps with the quantity that we went through.

At 5.30, with the sun on the way out, we spotted a flat spot about 100 yards of trail. We looked at each other and greatly accepted this perfect spot. We had been traversing all afternoon around Brown’s Peak and were not optimistic about finding a spot before nightfall.
I think it might be a reasonably cold night, but we are perfectly situated for a glorious sunrise view of the 4 peaks – which Brown is one off.

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