Arizona Trail – Day 18 (16 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 18 (16 miles)

Last night we had a quick rain shower that was over before we scrambled to get out shelters up. At about 5am jets started flying close and loud overhead from the nearby airforce base.

When dawn broke, we got up and started the long descent into Roosevelt Lake. The morning provided some of the most spectacular views of the trail. The rising sun lit up the fog / haze that was sweeping between the mountains and out over the lake.
Because of the views, the first couple of hours did not lead to much progress as I stopped at every corner to take another photo.

As we descended, Cake started to feel unwell that got worse the longer we kept on going. I thought it was dehydration; the water from the spring yesterday has an extremely overpowering algee taste to it that was hard to handle. Because of this, Cake had drank as little as possible.

We walked the road to the Marina for some shade and a place to get potable water to rehydrate. It seemed to work. After an hour or so, Cake got a bit of life back.
The lake is a huge body of water and provides Phoenix with their drinking water.

We waited for another couple of hours and then went to set off. Unfortunately (or fortunately), when I was repacking my bag I noticed that my water treatment had leaked. I did not want to drink straight out of cow ponds. I started a search for bleach. After combing the store, rangers station and camp ground to no success, I saw a person coming home to his house in the campground. After an initial bit of hesitation he gave me some bleach.

After a day spent mucking around, it was time to hit the trail!

We climbed up into the mountains from the lake, meeting several hunters along the way that are scoping the area out for hunting opening up here th following day.

An hour after leaving the lake Cake began to feel unwell again. With both of us unsure what was wrong, we stopped early for the day.
With so much time to kill before dark, we watched a documentary on how beautiful Idaho is that showed us some stunning footage.

Cake will see how he is feeling tomorrow and decide if he will continue on the last 40 miles or turn back. I hope he will be alright!

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