Arizona Trail – Day 2 (11 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 2 (11 miles)

I got going quickly this morning. I needed to get into Kanab to resupply and pick up some new socks from @thunderboltsportswear.

I had about 5 miles until I hit the road to Jacobs Lake. As I went, I picked up a few empty gallon water jugs by the side of the road. People drop them off for hikers to use. If you take the last of the water, pack the damn thing out. Don’t just leave a plastic bottle in the wilderness.

It was a cold morning, so I was still wearing my gloves when I hit the road to Jacobs Lake. I stuck out my thumb to a car passing and got a lift. Not a bad start.

When I said I was on the way to Kanab, he offered me a ride the whole way after a coffee and bagel stop. Perfect.

He was an outdoors guy just about to start a canyoneering expedition. He spent most of the time explaining the protection that they use, and his favourite thing out here is a nylon bad that they fill with sand to use as an anchor. It was a great drive.

Oh, and I saw a roadrunner on the way in!

I arrived in Kanab, resupplied and then went straight to an all you can eat pizza shop. After swinging past the post office for my new socks, I tried to get a ride. I knew it would not be the easiest hitch of my life, but 2 hours later I was still standing at the edge of town.

I eventually got a ride to the next town from a local but had no luck here either for a long time.

I was just about to give up and was looking at accommodation options when a truck that was stationed a few hundred yards ahead waved me over and offered me a lift.
It worked out well for me and I got back to the trail. While walking I started thinking of all the things I forgot to do in town. Because of the extreme delay in getting to the trail and still having energy to burn, I walked into the night for almost an hour.

Only 50 miles (80km) to the Grand Canyon! And then some lower, warmer elevation.

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