Arizona Trail – Day 27 (29 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 27 (29 miles)

We got up at 6. We slept in the post office last night. I finally got to sleep after I covered my eyes with my buff. Apparently, Myoggy had not slept well. Maybe we would have been better off cold outside?

We walked down the street for a mile. Halfway down I needed to go to the bathroom and said I would catch up. I would not see him until after dark.

I knew at the trailhead I had to turn right onto the AzT. I got there and saw a trail and started walking. About 10 minutes in I got thinking that I should not be climbing this amount. I checked where I was and discovered that I had taken the wrong trail.

I walked back and took the right trail. It was a nice section full of conifers that slowly changed into a rocky landscape. It was hard to follow the trail through this section. It basically stayed at the bottom of the gully but with a lot of rock I found myself several times either losing the trail or taking a wrong one that was not even labelled on the map.

The last of this was the worst. I followed the obvious track but found myself climbing out of the gully once more. I turned around and walked back but could not find my trail. I crossed back and forth over where the trail should be but could not seem to find it.
I decided to get down to a trail junction that was indicated on my map. Or I tried to get there. The trees and shrubs were thick and I struggled to get through.
I walked back up and decided to take the trail I was on before to try and get around this section. It took me exactly where I wanted to go; it seems that the trail was the AzT.

We continued on to a lake. When we got there it was dry, luckily we were not relying on it but it would have been some bonus water.

We set up camp in a wash as it was the only flattish ground around. Hopefully, I don’t get wet with condensation again, bit it will probably be a fairly cold night.

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