Arizona Trail – Day 28 (27 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 28 (27 miles)

Today is the big one. Up and over Mica Mountain. Straight up, straight down.

Myoggy and I started across the desert for only a few miles until we hit the base of the mountain. This section through grassland was picturesque with the golden early morning light highlighting the already golden grass.

He stopped to go to the toilet and I continued on up. The elevation profile made it look steep, but I found it perfectly fine with a constant grade the whole way up.
Three quarters of the way up I saw the city of Tuscon poking out over a ridge. I sat down to check my email. I had so many missed calls from home and an email from mum saying she has broken her collarbone and would not be able to fly over for our planned road trips. She was ok but was not in a position to fly and travel.

I spent the rest of the day thinking and readjusting my plans. I was not sure what to do. Travel like a regular person? No. Bike across the states to the start of the AT? Maybe. Start the AT earlier? Why not, I’ll do that!

The second of Southern Arizona’s Sky Islands took us all the way to conifers, passing all the different ecosystems along the way. Not only that but I got incredible views back out over the desert basin behind me and across to Mt Lemon.

I then entered the Sagurao NP, the last Park for the season… I stopped by a spring to drink and wait for Myoggy. It was a perfect little spring with some great tasting water. A rare treat of late.

Continuing up we encountered why the mountain was named Mica, with some of the fullest, sparkling rocks I’ve ever seen.

We took a detour to the top of the mountain and Spud Rock lookout that has an exceptional view over Tuscon. I love these Sky Islands!

We finally got down low enough to allow the cactus for which the park got its name. The sun was also beginning to set and set fire to the sky.
A bit after dark we found a camp spot just above the desert floor and decided to stop. I set up camp, ate dinner and then discovered that I had reception. I called home and spoke to Mum. She was shattered about being forced to abandon our plans, but sometimes these things just happen.

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