Arizona Trail – Day 29 (23 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 29 (23 miles)

Myoggy and I got up with the sun and set off along the desert floor. We camped up on a ridge and found it so much colder when we dropped down the few feet to the bottom.

It was a pleasant walk all morning. Easy and flat was the order of the day.
As we dropped the last couple of hundred feet to the desert floor the temperature also dropped from pleasant to “I wish I did not pack my gloves at the bottom”. I was numb but obviously not enough to bother to stop and find warmer gear, so I put up with it.

The first 13 miles (21km) was walking through the Saguaro National Park, with some of the biggest cactus I have ever seen and heirs and jack rabbits running around everywhere.

Just out of the park we detoured from the trail to a campground to get water from a spigot and then continued on an extra half an hour to a tourist walkthrough of an old mine cavern. Here we eat lunch or more closely brunch. Not the best pizza but I’ll take the extra food. My hiker hunger is starting to increase with vengeance.

We walked the half a mile back to the trail and continued south towards Interstate 10. The wilderness of the National Park gave way to jeep roads, rail tracks and a few houses.

We also met a couple of day hikers that are trying to complete the trail hiking one day a fortnight. They have been going for 2.5 years and are about halfway through. Dedicated people!

We walked with them for the hour left until we got to the trailhead. Myoggy did most of the talking and I just listened.

When we got to the trail where their car was located, they offered me a lift into town. Myoggy would be continuing on and I need to head into Tuscon to resupply.

They dropped me off at Wallmart and I got the 2 days of food required to reach Patagonia and then eat 1.5 feet of subway sandwiches.

While I was eating I was talking to @meghanlivealot, an AT Thru Hiker who lived in Tuscon. She was keen to help out AzT hikers and we arranged to meet for catchup at a brewery for a drink, then off to her house via a local fast food chain for food.
I had a shower, washed my cloths and fell asleep before I knew it. So much for getting back on trail tonight.

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