Arizona Trail – Day 32 (29 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 32 (29 miles)

Last night was bloody cold, and substantially colder than I expected. I thought I was going soft and did not button up my quilt for some reason. It turned out that it got down to the mid 20s F (-3C). Don’t sleep in a wash, even if you are stealth camping in the middle of a small town.

I got up and rushed off to the bathroom. When I got back no one had even got out of their sleeping bags. It was going to be a cold and slow morning.

When everyone finally embraced the cold and got moving we did not make it far as we stopped at the café for a morning burrito and coffee.

And then it was hiking time that started with a 3 mile sealed road walk out of town.  It did not feel that long as we were talking the whole time.

Our hiking session did not last long as after 3 hours we found a fantastic little creek with running water and an abundance of glorious shade. A perfect spot in the desert for an early lunch break.

It was noon and we had hiked less than 10 miles and everyone seemed keen to push for another running water source in 17 miles. That would require a hell of a pace and for the rest of the day we split up and hiked fast and maybe averaged 3.5 miles (5.6km) / hour until it was dark. A hell of a session that I have not experienced since the PCT.

I was slightly tired when we got to the 2ft wide ‘river’ . I filled up my water and Righteous and Kirby wanted to push on another couple of miles in order to climb Miller Peak tomorrow in the cool morning air.

Myoggy decided to stay as his feet were starting to play up and I kept on going into the night with the others. We shall see him tomorrow after we reach the border.

One day to Mexico!

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