Arizona Trail – Day 33 (24 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 33 (24 miles)

Mexico! The end of a journey and what a journey it was – 1,300 miles from Arches NP to the Mexican border along the Hayduke and Arizona Trails, including 6 national Parks.

The Hayduke as a tough off trail route across some of the harshest environments sure tested me both technically and mentally. I learnt more from this trip than I could ever possibly imagine. It was hard yet incredibly beautiful as I spent so much time winding my way through epic sandstone canyons.

The Arizona Trail as an established trail was more of what I am used to hiking. The southern half is incredibly diverse and offers some of the best views per mile of any trail I have hiked.

It also brings to a close my hiking season with slightly less than 5,000 miles (8,000km) hiked since Easter. I have had an absolute spectacular time. I would like to thank everyone that I have met, hiked with and who has helped me along the way – you are such a large reason I enjoyed myself so much and simply managed to finish. Thank-you!

I am privileged to be shown the best that the US has to offer and I bare witness to how many amazing people this world has.

What is next?

Around the middle of December I will start NoBo on the Appalachian Trail for a winter Thru Hike. I am nervous about this challenge!

I will then be moving onto the PCT NoBo and CDT SoBo to complete the 7,700 mile (12,000km) Triple Crown in a (non?) Calendar Year! Let the adventure continue!

Special thanks to @thunderboltsportswearfor their support and my brother for keeping my IG account up to date all year.

I also would like to thank @mountainlaureldesigns and @enlightenedequipment, as their gear never failed me.

Also thank-you for following along on my journey.

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