Arizona Trail – Day 6 (35 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 6 (35 miles)

I thought it was fairly warm when I got up early, but as I continued it almost felt like it got colder as the sun came up. I continued along the paved track towards Tusayan, a gateway community to the Grand Canyon NP.

In town, I went searching for an open restaurant. I needed to get some water as this would be my last option for 27 miles. I ended up heading to Mcdonald’s as it was the only place open.

I left and pushed through a bit of brush to get back onto the trail, which was actually a jeep road. It turned out to one of the flattest sections that I have ever walked.

Soon after leaving town I ran into @theoneofsevenproject. He is just about finished cycling the three long trails of the USA biking world: the Great Divide, the Colorado, and the Arizona trails. He explained that tomorrow he would have to carry his 50 pounds (23kg) bike through the Grand Canyon, with 6000ft (1800m) rise in elevation!

The only other people I saw throughout the day were deer hunters as it was the first day of deer season. I continued on feeling fairly strong and enjoying myself chewing through the miles.

At dusk, I arrived at the water tank. It almost looked like a cow pond. As such, I decided to push on into the night another 3 miles to the next water source. And tomorrow I would only have 28 miles go to water.

As I was leaving the tank I ran into Craig, a section biker, who I stopped and talked to for 20 minutes or so. With my dinky light in hand, I pressed on through the night. It was actually quite fun walking. I made my way along the track, getting glimpses of the trees all around.

I arrived at the metal water tank and set up camp before heading to water. It was dry! I checked the trough, but it was also dry! Damn. What to do?
The 28 miles to the next water left me with only one option, walk back the 3 miles to the cow pond.
I decided to do it now rather than wait for the morning. So I packed up my gear and started to retrace my steps. Before I knew it I was back at the pond. Craig was in his tent but still up so I spoke to him as I set up camp and ate a very late and much-needed dinner.

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