Arizona Trail – Day 9 (18 miles)

Arizona Trail – Day 9 (18 miles)

I got up early and after a quick breakfast I made my way out onto the streets of Flagstaff to hitch back to where I left the trail injured a few days ago.

I kept on walking along Highway 180 with my thumb out. It sure was not easy. Yesterday I hitched 90 miles from Prescott with almost no problem. Today it seemed like I did not have a chance.
I decided to miss the 25 odd miles north of Flagstaff and walk to the section of trail that runs through town instead. I turned back and started to make my way East.

For the first time in a couple of weeks I wanted to be on trail and walking.

After about 3-4 miles of walking I finally was back on trail. I first went under I40 and then was back on dirt. I strolled along happily. The trail ran its way along the bottom of an escarpment for a couple of hours, moving its way through dry meadows and ponderosa trees.

I noticed that I was not tired anymore. I could just walk with ease and not need a break every couple of hours that I had become accustomed to.

Eventually it decided to climb up onto Anderson Mesa. I had some wonderful views of the rather large and impressive Lake Mary surrounded by pine just as the sun was lighting up the sky.

I filled up water from Prime Lake. Or should I say marsh? There was no definitive water edge, it just became wet. I found a deepish spot that did not get my feet to wet and filled up my drink bottles. The water was almost black with dirt and algee. It looked truly aweful. I tucked it in my bag and decided it needed a good filter tonight before I consider drinking it.

I was not tired and the sun is setting around 6pm now so I turned on my new brighter headlight and started night hiking. I’m not usually a big fan of night hiking but I enjoyed this one.

When it was fully dark coyote came out to play. I could hear them to the left and right of me yapping and howling to each other.

At about 7.30 I found a nice tree to sleep under. I set up camp, tried to filter the water – it was cleaner but still rather black – and drifted of to sleep happy.

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