Arizona Trail – Interlude 2

Arizona Trail – Interlude 2

I have 16 days of hiking left at 25 miles a day. I want to finish at the end of November to meet my mother for a road trip. Therefore I have almost 10 days to somehow use. More site trip adventures!

Day 1

Cake and I hit up Brown’s Peak, a short but intense class 3 scramble to the top of one of the 4 peaks in that range.
We got to the top as the sun was setting. It is the best sunset of the year! Beautiful views over the Superstition Mountains in one direction and Roosevelt Lake in the other.

Day 2

We headed up into the Superstitions for another sunset view from the top. We misjudged the timing and were slightly below the top when the sun was going down. Still great views from there and left us with a long, easy scramble back down to the car.

Day 3

Spent the day relaxing in and around Phoenix.

Day 4

Got back on the trail with Cake and camped close to the trailhead. He is coming for the next leg with me. It will be wonderful to have some company.

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