Arizona Trail – Interlude 

Arizona Trail – Interlude
I ended up taking 5 days off from the trail. I’m now refreshed, injury free and raring to get back on the trail!

The injury in my ankle that I picked up that caused me to get off trail has completely gone. My hypothesis is that it was due to only being on the flat trail for such a long time. Not changing the grade caused a repetitive strain injury to the ligaments on both feet as they did not have the usual variance of using different muscle groups throughout the day.

I stayed at Adam’s for a night and then hitched to Prescott to stay with Sprout who I met on the PCT in 2015. It was utterly perfect. I sat on the couch for almost the whole time, simply reading and watching movies.
I also spent quite a bit of time putting together the last of my Appalachian Trail Winter Thru Hike gear that I will start in a couple of months. It has taken a bit of work to make sure that I will be warm and dry, well at least adequately so. I gave up on the premise of keeping my feet dry and will try to manage foot warmth through neoprene/wool sock layering instead.

I also like to announce that @hyperlitemountaingear has provided me with an awesome backpack for the trip! The waterproof cuben material that they use will be perfect for keeping my gear dry during the abundance of wet weather that I expect to encounter!

Now for the last 600 miles of the Arizona Trail!

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