Continental Divide Trail – Day 4 (17 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 4 (17 miles)

I slept in this morning. My alarm went off as usual before dawn, but I realized I was going to wait for Clean Sweep in Lordsburg anyway, and may as well use that time to catch up on sleep.

I got going at 7.30 after filling up my water bottle. It was a gentle downhill until I reached town. It was the usual trail up to this point; a few signs and a light user-generated trail in between. I like it as it seems to keep me focused on my surroundings rather than going into dreamland as I sometimes do on a well-defined trail.

A few miles out I turned on my phone and had a message from Clean Sweep. He has been getting progressively worse since I saw him. And when symptoms of brown pee, vomiting and dizzy spells appeared he wisely decided to get off trail and seek help.
He walked out to a highway and got a ride into town and a doctor to check him out. His stats were ok, except for being dehydrated. It was extremely hot walking across the plains of the bootheel section, so I can sure see how it happened.

Anyway, he got a room in town with plans to relax and recuperate for a day before heading back out.

When I got into town, I got some food for CS and me before heading over to see him. By this stage, he was feeling far better and had even started to gain his appetite back.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with him and watching TV, before heading out back to trail at 5 pm after it had cooled down.

I resupplied on my way through town and had walked for about 30 minutes before I somehow realized that I did not grab my wall charger. Back I went! That was a waste of effort!

Back on trail I ended up walking 7 miles across the last of the lowland plains. The sun was setting and because there was not a bush in sight, I had a brilliantly unobstructed view.

It was also the first night without high winds, which was a little lucky as I would’ve had to push on into the night in search of a sheltered location. Instead I had a fantastic cowboy spot.

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