Continental Divide Trail – Day 6 (32 + 3 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 6 (32 + 3 miles)

Last night was the first cool night of the trail. Well cool enough that I actually had my quilt fully draped over me. I was excited and hopeful that it would remain cool all day. This was not correct at all and it got hotter and hotter. The weather had slightly changed, the hot wind had gone and was replaced with an occasional cool breeze on some of the ridges.

It was an excellent morning and I really enjoyed myself as I walked the 15 miles to a cow pond. It felt like I was back on a proper trail again with the majority of the tread single track with only the occasional dirt road.
The trail did pull a trick on me. It was a well-signed intersection bringing me from a dirt road to a single track. It turned out that the CDT markings did not lead me the way I wanted to go! I was on a half-built reroute that not only did not lead anywhere but bypassed the water source that I was relying on.

All I could do was laugh as I turned around and headed down into a dry wash that I would be following out to the highway. It was a waste of time, but at least there will be a trail there one day.

It was then time for a nice 13 mile road walk along highway 180! It had a decent shoulder, and except for one car swerving all over the road, it was a pleasant experience. I just walked against the traffic and listened to an audiobook.

I was planning to get to the outskirts of town but the combination of the bonus lost miles and my feet starting to hurt made me decide to set up camp early at around 7 pm. I jumped a fence and slept in a wash just off the highway.

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