Continental Divide Trail – Day 7 (21 miles)

Continental Divide Trail – Day 7 (21 miles)

I woke up ready to be hiking just before 6am but decided to head back to sleep. I slept for another hour until the sun had risen above the wash and hit me in the face. It was then time to finish off the last 6 miles of road walking into Silver City.

I also woke up with a flat Neoair and thought that it must have a hole in it, but it just turned out that I cannot tighten a valve properly. I have found the thing insanely comfortable after going back from my 1/8in pad but apparently still sleep pretty well directly on sand.

The road walking along the highway was ok, but I was pretty happy to arrive in town. I headed to the first cafe I saw for some breakfast and then headed to the library to write yesterday’s journal, charge my phone and order a new pair of shoes for Pie Town.

It was then into the supermarket to both resupply for this leg and send a food package to Ghost Ranch. Here I ran into Turquoise again, the lovely woman who dropped off some trail magic a couple of days ago. I was heading over to the UPS post office a couple of miles away, but she offered to take me there.

After the quick trip to UPS, Turquoise dropped me back at the intersection to continue the road walking theme for the day! Another 7 miles of sealed road, abid not a highway this time. This trail does have a few of them, with another coming up in about a week.

I then had 2 hours wandering through a forest of mainly juniper. There were so many hawks (?) flying around overhead, and even some zigzagging through the canopy. I have never seen them do this before.

I popped out on a dirt road and left the CDT for my first alternative, Gila River. I am so looking forward to this and it should be the highlight of the desert section!

I spent about an hour walking up the well-graveled road before turning onto a dirt track. I stopped for the night not long after and got pestered by a few mosquitos as I wrote this journal.

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