Day 1 – Pacific Crest Trail (mile 20)

Day 1 – Pacific Crest Trail (mile 20)

Arriving at the Mexican boarder from Scout and Frodo’s place around 7am, I was greeted with a new PCT monument (constructed last year) and the beginning of the next adventure.

Nothing but 2650 miles of trail between me and Canada! Setting forth on the trail, expecially that first mile, you could not wipe the smile off my face!

Today’s theme was a baking sun and meeting some great people. Some people have done the AT, while others have never stepping foot on a trail before.

The trail wondered through surprisingly lush desert following the wet winter on easy terrain until our lunch spot by Houses Creek at mile 15.

From there, the trail heads straight up out of the canyon. Several people started struggling with minor heat stroke as we progressed up the exposed climb.
With several people stopping along the way to take breaks in tiny crevases of shade, I continued to the top of the climb alone. Once over the ridge, it is an easy walk to Lake Merina  and the end of day 1.

I have to say that using an umbrella is amazing. I drank less than 2L of water compared to around 4L of people I hiked with.

I would like to say thank you to @thunderboltsportswear for some awesome clothing!

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