Day 10.5 – Pacific Crest Trail 

Day 10.5 – Pacific Crest Trail
At 12pm I was sick of being woken up by wind gusts, and decided to do some night hiking instead of putting up with it. We camped under Mesa wind farm, on what appeared to be an unusually windy night.

I would keep walking until Whitewater Preserve or stop if I found a nice sheltered camp site out of the wind. Whitewater was 7 miles away.

The moon was 3/4 full. I could see the mountains around me, but it did not provide enough light to walk.

I turned on my mp3 player to David Bowie and started climbing.

About a mile in I found a little gully with room for 2 tents. Unfortunately those spots were already occupied.
I pressed on up the pass and into San Bernadino Wilderness.

I forgot how barren this stretch was. Some ghostly mountains loomed around me as I sped up with the wind stronger then before.

2 hours in, I decended into Whitewater. It is an oasis in this barren strech, with large trees and green grass. I don’t know how they managed it.

There was still wind, but much softer then before.

Time to sleep!

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