Day 11 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles)

Day 11 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles)

After last night’s night hike, I woke up at 7am at the Whitewater Preserve. The wind in the valley was a lot stronger then last night, but the tree I hid behind was just thick enough to hold out.

I lay in bed for a few minutes. I will have a little late start and head off. However, upon poking my head up a fellow hiker informed me that Ledgend, a constant trail angle, was serving pancakes for breakfast. I got up and was the last person meandering in. Saying thanks, I tucked into a couple of huge pancakes.

As I was the last there, we began to chat about everything from hiking, how this trail was changing with greater popularity, the hiking community and even politics.

Before I knew it the clock struck noon. So much for a big day of hiking!

I helped Ledgend pack his van and then I set off up Whitewater Creek.
At the pass to Mission Creek, I walked up behind a couple of hikers. We began to chat. I ended up walking with them through out the day as we followed mission up.

The creek has some interesting features, with some sections of intensely dense trees not normally found in the desert and others containing unusual rock formations in the surrounding cliffs.

We continued up to the last camping spot on the map before a 5 mile no camping section due to a recent fire. It appeared lots of other people had the same thought as the spot was overflowing.

My curse continues on this strech. Last year I lost my phone and this year my sleeping pad. I still have no concept of how I did not pack it this morning: it is a big yellow blow up!

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