Day 12 – Pacific Crest Trail (31 miles)

I woke up early with ice on my sleeping bag.

It is 31 miles (50km) to Big Bear. I decide to try and make it there before 4pm. It would allow me to get to the post office before it closes and get back on trail. I will need to average over 3 miles per hour to do this. Back to the old days of last time I hiked this trail.

I set off. It felt great to stretch the legs for the first time.

The morning was cold, with melting frost continuing to fall off the fur trees as I walked under them. Every time I went into the shade of the mountain, I had to put my gloves and buff on to keep warm.

After a couple of miles I reached a burnt area from a fire in 2015. It is always interesting to see these area, with some small nooks somehow managing to escape the fire.

I continued on onto the ridge that I would be following all day into Big Bear. It wound its way from one side of the ridge to the other, allowing so many views including my last sight of San Jacinto.

With the climb up to the ridge complete, the rest of the day was a long, slow decent.
I passed a few people in the morning, but on the whole I found the trail to empty. I suppose this was because I left a little earlier then everyone in the packed campsite of last night.

The afternoon past quickly as I was listening to a new audiobook, Childhoods End by Arthur C. Clarke.
I arrived at the highway and was about to hitch until a cop pulls into the car park. I was not sure if it is legal so I waited. There was enough to reception to call my family and wish Dad a happy birthday for yesterday.

Once the cop left, I managed to get a ride from the 5th car to pass. It just happened that the person was a cop heading to work the night shift. Go figure.

Because of the delay, I ended up staying at the hostel for the night. I went to Sizzlers first for all you can eat tacos, where I managed to consume 9, some fruit and a plate of salad.

After over filling my belly, I headed to the hostel. Halfway there the sun began to set and I made my way to the lake for the views. It was one of those really vivid sunsets, with lots of reds and oranges that don’t happen all that often.

To the hostel!

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