Day 13 – Pacific Crest Trail (0 miles)

Day 13 – Pacific Crest Trail (0 miles)
My plan was to spend most of the day eating and bumming around town.
I have a plan going forward. I feel great and really want to walk, but allowing more time for the snow to melt would mean that I am more likely to make it through. My plan: I would walk at my normal pace, but will take a few zero (no milage day) to allow the snow to melt. When I get to the Sierra I would head straight in.

At around 2pm I was purchasing the last of my food and was about to head out when I ran into a few hikers I met yesterday. I ended up going back to their place and watched movies for the afternoon. Helping me to slow down I suppose.

I was about to leave when I was offered a beer. I ended up watching another movies and sleeping on the floor.

On other news, I’m excited and happy to announce that I’m now a @thunderboltsportswear ambassador. I’ll be wearing their Marino T-shirt and alpaca socks. I’ll let you know how they perform, but I’m sure they will keep the smell down between showers.

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