Day 15 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

Day 15 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

A couple of miles into today’s hike I met James, older guy from Scotland. I started to chat with him as I treated my morning water from a nasty, algy infested spring.
What happened to nice spings? I guess tasty water does not exist in the desert.

Anyway, James turned out to be a very interesting man. He has hiked, biked, kayak and skied about 6 months a year over the last decade.
I strolled along with him eagerly listening to the adventures he has has. In the end we talked for 6hrs.

I did see my first rattle snake for the hike. I turned around a corner and I think both the snake and I got a fright. It was pointing in my direction and took off towards me. I jumped back in a hurry as it slithered down the hill.

It took a while for my heart rate to settle down.

Just after lunch, we arrived at a large river with a hot spring. I had a great time switching between the cool river and the hot pools of water. I even had a go at slack lining across the river to no success.
After I was in the water long enough to get wrinkly, I said goodbye to James and left with a Csnadian woman I met with a trail name of Harvest. She spent 4 months befote the hike preparing 3 meals a day of amazing quality dehydrated food.

She was the second person of the day with an amazing get life story. She has traveled the world picking fruit for a living. Moving from farm to farm, country to country for over 8 years.
We ended up hiking till dusk.

This was not a normal day of enjoying hiking, but was a day of relaxing, hiking with others and meeting some extraordinary people!

Another great day.

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