Day 16 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

Day 16 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

Waking up just after 5am, I packed up quickly, said goodbye to Harvest and set off down the trail.

The morning was the first link section of the trail. We walked on a ridge near a road, then meandered down to the road and walked on it for a mile or two.

They are not always the best, but this small downside is well eclipsed by the overall quality of the trail.

The day was starting to get hot!

I then climbed up over a ridge and down to a lake. It was a man made lake, but totally gorgeous.

It was about 12 miles in and felt hungry. I sat in the beach and eat first lunch. As the weather was hot, I decided to take a quick swim. The water perfect, warm on top and cool underneath.
I was drying under the sun in a little cove when a boat pulled in. I started chatting with them and about half an hour latter I was being pulled behind their boat skiing. I only had one run, but it was great and felt like being back in Australia again.

I dried off said goodbye to a great bunch of people and hit the trail again.

By this time it had really warmed up. I had another 12 miles to the interstate, where the trail passes underneath. There is also a rest stop, including a McDonald’s. I know what I want for afternoon tea!

The way there went quickly, with the decent out of the mountains a beautiful section of steep sandstone cliffs that have been washed away and overlooked Mt Baldy / Baden-Powell that I will climb 9,000ft up tomorrow.

As I eat, I met a couple of other Australians hiking the trail. I did get to talk about the football season back home.

It is a 22 mile waterless section up into the mountains after the interstate. To not help rhe situation, the next 3 days are nent to be in the 90s (mid 30s C). To mitigate this a little, we decided to make a few miles after the weather cooled tonight.
We ended up walking about 4 miles and made camp just after dark.

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