Day 17 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

Day 17 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

I woke up before 5 and packed up quickly. I wanted to hike as quickly as possible given the combination of the temps expected to be in the 90s (mid 30s Celcius), having an elevation gain of 9,000ft (2.8km) and expecting no shade before the top. Ow, and no water for 18 miles.

I drank some water and packed out 2L. My plan is two miles in the morning before the day warms up.

At 6.30am I started to sweat! Not good! By 7am I had sweat running down my brow. I don’t  have the water for this. The problem is the total lack of wind.

I pushed on hard passing a lot of hikers still sleeping.

I had my umbrella out and that helped a little. I stopped sweating for the minute.
Halfway up, I climbed above the range next to us and a little wind hit my face. It was still hot but slightly more comfortable.

I reached the top of today’s climb with 500ml of water. I still had a few miles until the spring, but had more then enough to get me through.

About 6 miles after the water I reached the highway and hitched into Wrightwood. I did not want to stay, so resupplied my food for the next section, ate a pizza and hitched back out to the trail.
I walked a couple of miles to a campground where I met a person taking a day off due to foot pain.

They are now chatting with a few locals way past my bed time. I should have seen this coming. I wanted to get up early tomorrow due to the heat.

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