Day 19 – Pacific Crest Trail (27 miles)

Day 19 – Pacific Crest Trail (27 miles)

I got up and left while the others were eating breakfast. I had 11 miles to walk until I was back on the PCT following the trail closure detour I started yesterday. These miles mainly involved climbing back into the mountains.

There was a note saying that the climb was hard and waterless, so that’s what I prepared for. It turned out to be the opposite with water just before and after the climb and the climb itself slightly steeper than steady. All in all a very nice detour.

Back on the PCT after the 20 mile detour, but with only a few PCT miles actually completed I pressed on looking to cover some miles before lunch.

My plan was to get some water from a stream and break after a few more. It turned out that this usually reliable water source was dry. I was our of water and needed to find some.
Looking at the map there was a seasonal stream in 4 miles and a trail head with a spigot in 5 miles. Not too bad.

I ate lunch and then pressed on in the search for water. I was not overly thirsty but found myself checking the map and distances far more than normal.

Luck favoured me I found water at the stream.

I had a nap, ate some more and got up to date with my journal. I did notice that I had not seen a single hiker on the trail today. Very odd.

I was packed and ready to leave just as Square Pants, who I did the alternative with, showed up. I talked to him with my backpack on for over an hour. By this time most of the people I camped with last night turned up. I gave up on hitting the trail and settled down for the afternoon.

Also a chopper flew low overhead looking for something or someone. It circled a few times and then landed. It looked about 2 miles away in the direction I had come. I hope it was not an injured hiker.
At about 4pm the wind picked up and the hot spell that we have had to deal with for the last 4 days ended. It was still warm, but now there was a cool breeze.

I left the trailhead and quickly caught up to a Swedish guy I met a few days before and we talked all the way to camp.

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