Day 21 – Pacific Crest Trail (10 miles)

Day 21 – Pacific Crest Trail (10 miles)

I woke up at 1am to a drop of water on my head. I looked up and it was not raining. Condensation had built up so much on my sleeping bag that water rolled down off it onto my face.

I turned on my torch to discover that I was in a cloud. It did not look like it was going to rain, but I imagined that the condensation would only get worse.

I considered settings up my tarp, but decided it would not solve the situation. Instead I packed up and walked the mile to the valley floor, which it seems I should have done yesterday. Finally out of the clouds, I hoped it would stay that way.

I woke up at my normal time at just after 5. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was planning to wait around ’til 10am for the post office to open, so I may as well sleep in.

At 9.30 I tried to hitch into town. At 10.30 only 4 cars had gone past. Perhaps I should have just walked. But It wasn’t long until a car pulled to the side and gave me a lift into town.
I picked up the single Amazon package I had come for and went back to the road to hitch back to the trail. Wonderfully, this time it only took 10 minutes.

I then began the 10 mile walk to Agua Dulce and Hiker Heaven. It was an easy walk, with a great section through Vasquez Rock’s sandstone spires.

At the park, a rapper was shooting a music video. I’m not sure who it was but he must have been popular with over 20 huge trailers needed for the video.

I pressed on to town.

Arriving in town I headed to the pizza shop. I ordered a huge 16″. It is amazing how much food hiking requires!

During my unsuccessful attempt to finish the pizza I worked on my Sierra strategy. I need to post food to the first stop before I leave tomorrow in order for it to arrive on time.

I needed to finalise which resupply strategy to use and the more critical, how many miles I could or would walk in a day through deep snow. I ended settling on 17 miles a day.

I then headed to Hiker Heaven, where I ran into a few people I have seen for the last couple of days.

We all chatted for quite some time and then hit the sack among a sea of tents.

Definitely an organisational sort of day.

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