Day 23 – Pacific Crest Trail (?? miles)

Day 23 – Pacific Crest Trail
Pancakes for breakfast at The Anderson’s Trail Angle sanctury. Once full I packed up and was on trail by 7.30am.

All morning I hiked with Comma, a middle aged man from New Hampshire. He has great in sites and thoughts, with most of the conversations becoming philosophical. We eat up the mornings miles to the next water source  as we chatted. He hand built a 3 story tree house by himself. He uses the tree house as his office. Not a bad gig!

I drank straight from the spring, said goodbye to Comma and pressed on. Only a few miles in I encountered a rattle snake that would not move off the path. There were two other hikers ahead trying to work out a way around. It was steep on both sides with heavy brush, making a walk around impractical or even impossible.
A guy rolled a rock at it and the snake moved a foot and a half down the bank. Thanks would do! I opened my umbrella and blocked the snake as I moved past. I through it back for the others to use.

With that excitement for the day over, a very intense cloud of biting flies decided to join the party. They buzzed arundel but could not do anything while I was moving but would swarm and bit if I ever stopped.

This was a dry strech of trail and I had to go off trail 1.5 miles to get water. On the way there is practiced the Karate Kid’s fly with a chopstick trick. I only managed to catch one in my figure tips.

I stopped at a camp ground on the water spur trail to have lunch. It was on top of the mountain and had enough of a breeze to keep the flies away. There is met a family from LA enjoying the long weekend. They generously gave me some water and saved me over an hour walking to the water source.

When the family started to pack up, I decided to continue back to the trail. I ran into the German brothers I walked into the Anderson’s with.

About half an hour into walking we passed the 500 mile mark of the trail. Only 2165 miles to go!

Getting to camp we met a couple from Israel. Square Pants and Karma were also there. As we watched the sun goes down, one of the Israeli decided to show us self defence from being chocked. I now know how to get out of any situation.

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