Day 25 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

Day 25 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

I got up early. I was tired after walking last night.

It was 6 miles to a little creek and the start of climbing back into the mountains from the Mojave Desert crossing.

It was not in a great frame, and could not really get into a rhythm. Time passed slowly.

Reaching the stream, I sat down for a break and eat last night’s dinner. From here it was a 25 mile dry stretch without water (Yesterday began a 150 mile dry stretch. There will be back to back 20-30 mile waterless sections). I felt better as we climbed into the hills and time passed quickly in comparison to the first leg.

It was a glorious climb of deep, sandy trail with continual views back across the desolate Mojave.

Reaching the mountain summit, I was greeted with an amazing sight. Water! A gentleman was moving gallon upon gallon from his truck for hikers.
I spoke with him, helped him move the water and then changed my plans. I did not need to walk over 30 miles again. I could get some water and catch up on lost sleep from last night.

That is what I did. There was no shade so I lay under a chair and umbrella. It was a hot but fantastic sleep.

I left with Square Pants and we headed down the far side of the mountain into the biggest wind farm in the US.

It was an easy downhill walk

With no intention or need to go the whole way to the highway and hitch into Tahachapi for water, we camped a couple of hours short of the highway.

Wolf, who was suffering from blisters from last night’s walking strolled into camp just before dusk. I’m glad he got down OK.
I slept in the exact same spot as my previous thru-hike in 2015. Nostalgia.

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