Day 26 – Pacific Crest Trail (8 miles)

Day 26 – Pacific Crest Trail (8 miles)

I woke up at 5.30, rolled over and went back to bed. I only had a short walk to the highway and then a hitch into Tahachapi this morning.

We walked among the wind turbines, listening to their hum.

After only a couple of miles, we passed a road where Legend was waiting with coffee. We sat and chatted for a short while. He arrived yesterday and I don’t think I will see him again. He moves 200 miles ever 2 weeks up trail and I move slightly faster than this.

We continued on. Both Wolf and Square Pants are engineers in software, and most of the conversations related to engineering and how different yet similar our traded are.

Trying to get a hitch into town on a major highway is not easy. There was a semi truck pulled over for a rest break. After speaking to him he agreed to take one of us. Square Pants was heading to LA today for a wedding, so he jumped in.

Wolf and I waited. Only 10 minutes later a car pulled up asking if I wanted to be saved by Jesus and a lift into town. I learnt a lot about their retreat in the journey.

In town, we eat a huge breakfast, and then said goodbye to Square Pants.

Wolf and I agreed to head into the snow covered Sierra Mountains together. We worked out the resupply options that would be open, with many phone calls and answering machines. It turns out most won’t be open when we expect to arrive!

We then headed for the supermarket for both the next leg and to post ahead to VVR in the Sierra.

We then headed for the airport and camped on their lawn.

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