Day 28 – Pacific Crest Trail (?? miles)

Day 28 – Pacific Crest Trail
I woke up at 5.30 but struggled to get moving. Stalling, I eventually got walking at 6.15.
The wind from last night had only died off slightly. Not surprising seeing that the biggest wind farm in the US is across the valley.

I pressed on up the ridge, and was continually looking back at the Mojave Desert I was leaving behind.
Arriving at the summit, I was greeted with a jeep road that I would be following for the rest of the morning.

I was expecting an easy and quick walk to the spring and my lunch break. The road was not as manicured or even flat as I expected. The 9 mile walk turned into jumping over washes, ruts and head sized rocks. It was fun but by no means quick or easy.

I arrived at the spring surprised that I still made decent time. I sat down and poured some water into my dinner. I would be dry camping tonight and thought I would swap the rice side with my usual lunch of peanut butter wrap to save water.
I’ve also never cold soaked rice before, so was curious how it would turn out. I left it for an hour in the sun. By that stage it was eatable but sill quite crunchy. I’ll stick to couscous from now on.

I’m not sure why given that I had a couple of very quite days previously, but I was tired. I lay down for a rest that lasted over 2hrs.

When the temperature started to drop I set off for the 13 mile walk to camp. It was through a large burn area, so there was little shade.
Due to the burn, the scenery did not realk change over the afternoon. Eventually I turned on an audiobook, which I listened to for the last couple of hours of the day.

I was in bed with the sun just about to set when Wolf strolled into camp. He had an awful afternoon. About halfway to camp from the spring he dropped his 2 liter water bottle and watched it explode. Not only did he loose that water but lost half his water capacity halfway through the dries 150 mile of the trail, with back to back 20-30 mile waterless streches.
He was thirsty, so I gave him half my water. I also gave him a 1L bottle. We are both low on water capacity so it should be interesting how it goes.

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