Day 29 – Pacific Crest Trail (26 miles)

Day 29 – Pacific Crest Trail (26 miles)

After yesterday’s debacle of Wolf poking 2L of water, I woke up with half a litre left. I drank half while packing my stuff up.

I then hit the trail for the remaining 6 miles to the next water source. It was a short, steep uphill and then relatively flat. Once at the top of the climb I set my autopilot and zoned out.

Arriving at the spring, with numerous people still asleep, I grabbed a litre and continued on. My hip started to feel tight but I continued on in a pleasant mood.

Again it was easy ground and I made the 8 miles to the next spring in 2 hours. I sat down to lunch and started talking to a section hikers that hikes a new 100 mile section each year.

I shut my eyes for a short nap.

I woke up quickly to Flame and Sneezy Mountain laughing hard. They both stopped when I looked up. A couple of minutes later Flame confesses that she had eaten a chunk of my peanut butter thinking it was Sneezy Mountain’s. It was kind of funny as a king thru hiker’s food is – or atleast should be – trail treason.

They pressed on while I cleaned my clothes. Once finished I followed them on to the trail.
My left hip had really stiffened up and I was struggling to put any force into it. I’m not sure why but it was knotted up.

About 3 miles in I turn the corner to see a tent. It was trail magic from a 2016 thru hiker. She had sausages, cold drinks and lots of fruit.

I had just eaten lunch but sat down for seconds.

The stretch we are on was a 45 mile waterless stretch, and our trail angle found it the hardest section of the whole trail. She chose to set up here to help people when she was at here lowest.

I pressed on down the hill.

4 miles down I saw another sunshade and another trail magic. I chuckled to myself at the absurdity of two people within an hour walk of each other, both giving up their weekend to help people that they have not even met.

I could also change my plans due to Chris bringing a huge amount of water with him. Instead of walking 3 miles round trip, I could now fill my water bottles here and skip it. This would give me a 28 mile waterless stretch.

I pressed on another 5 miles with Wolf and Tim to camp.

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