Day 3 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles)

Day 3 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles)

I woke early after last night’s storm to find out about 5in of snow was dropped. But the next few hours should be “nice” weather.

Undecided if I should push on or stay put for the day, I packed up camp. The problem was that the next 25 miles followed an exposed ridge line.

I decided to push hard to a trail head 10 miles away and evaluate.
The morning started out fantastic. I walked out of tree cover in powder with only a moderate breeze.
About 2hrs in snow started to fall again. It was pretty dry so the walking was still great for walking.

At the 3hr mark the winds picked up and the snow started to become wet. I put on my emergency poncho and continued on.

I found a drop toilet at a trail head and decided to have morning tea in shelter. Halfway through a ranger stuck came in to see if I was OK.  He seemed bemused when he figured out I was eating.

After finishing food, I headed back into the storm. About an hour in my poncho started to rip. Not great! I continued forward.

It ripped some more and completely came apart. I took out my umbrella and continued. I passed a few days hikers that could not work out what I was up to.

I reached the sunrise trail head and took a second break for food.

The weather began to worsen and I decided to try and hitch into Julian rather then continue on the exposed ridge with poor camp choices.

I got a ride with the first car to pass. As I warmed my hands, they said that they were heading to the pub. I decided to join them. I had a great afternoon drinking, talking to locals and meet a few other thru hikes. The locals were so nice with several offering places to stay the night – I was so greatful for there offers. I ended up staying at a trail angels house. People can be so amazing

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