Day 31 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

Day 31 – Pacific Crest Trail (25 miles)

I woke up early at the campground, rolled over and am tried to sleep for a little bit longer. It did not happen.

I got dressed, packed up my gear and went to say thank you to the trail angel from last night as he had already gone to bed when I arrived. He accepted my thanks by handing me a hot cup of coffee.

Once finished, I set off for the climb back into the mountains.

The geology changed quickly and dramatically as I climbed. It moved from the soft sandstone of the deep desert to the granite of the Sierra with rock spires and steep mountain crags in only a few miles of the mornings walk. I felt amazed and in wonder at the change.

Partly due to the change and partly the simple beauty of the hills around me, I had one of the best mornings on trail.

As I walked I continually went over Wolf’s and my plan to combat the upcoming snow associated with this change.

I arrived at the water source I was going to have my lunch break at. The water was OK, but there were mosquitos lurking in the little shade.

Andrew was there and we decided to press on to the next water and have lunch there instead.
I have been hiking around him for a couple of 100 miles but never really spoken to him. We talked for a couple of hours. Like many people, Andrew had no hiking experience before starting this epic adventure.

At the start, he seemed to have 2 areas he needed to overcome. The most major of which was his feet. Apparently, they were in bad shape. He explained about the blisters, rubbing and the loss of 4 toenails. He also explained how he changed his shoes and foot care to account the for this.

We arrived at the creek.

While waiting for Wolf, I listened and discussed with a few others about their and my Sierra strategies. It seems to be the major thing on people’s minds at the moment.

Once Wolf had arrived we pressed on out of the valley, eventually camping high on the ridge.

We ate dinner listening to some of his favourite musicians, especially where our tastes overlapped with some obscure artists. It was a nice way to finish of a fantastic day.

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