Day 32 – Pacific Crest Trail (22 miles)

Day 32 – Pacific Crest Trail (22 miles)

We had 27 miles to Kennady Medows. Neither of us wanted to get there tonight, so we planned for a relaxing day.

I walked with Wolf to the water 7 miles in. There we met Yard Sale, one of the most interesting characters of the trail. We got water from the spring and talked with him while we eat. He will be leaving the trail at Kennady Medows due to blowing his money on “good times” earlier on the trail.

We pressed on and began the climb up to the pass. I couldn’t help myself; I said goodbye to the others, put on some music and headed up.

At the top, I think the Sierra officially welcomed me. There was a whole mountain with exposed granite scars with snow capped mountains just behind it.
I soaked it in as I walked down into the valley -the view was simply breathtaking.

At the bottom, I met Andrew and once the others turned up we decided to press on a further 4 miles to a fork of the Kern River. We hoped that it would be big enough to swim in.

Arriving at the river, we witnessed what would lay ahead. The river, which was dry late last year was now raging. It was a couple of feet higher than it should have been and had risen enough to wash through the river bank shrubs.

We found a secluded spot with a little pool of still water and jumped in. It was the perfect temperature. Cooling down, I began to wash my cloths and scrub the dirt from my body.

We ended up staying in the water for almost 2 hours. We said goodbye to Yard Sale and stared looking for a nearby camp site.

We found one as the river made a turn. I ate two dinners while talking to the others and then went to bed.

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