Day 33 – Pacific Crest Trail (7 miles)

Day 33 – Pacific Crest Trail (7 miles)

I woke up, rolled over and went back to sleep. I only had a few miles to walk to Kennady Medows and I was not planning to go any further.

I did not sleep for long. I lay in bed and wrote yesterday’s journal.

I got up just after 7am and packed up slowly as I waited for the condensation on my sleeping bag to dry.

When Wolf and I finally started walking I was captivated by the valley. The larger scene belonged in the Sierra, with steep granite hills and a large medow. But from a closer perspective the landscape still has cactus and rattle snakes.

We arrived at Kennady Medows! The official start of the Sierra! I also passed the 700 mile mark.

I headed to the general store and picked up my ice axe, microspikes and 6 days of food.

We then headed over to the cafe. So couple of hikers were just starting an eating contest. They had 2 eggs, bacon and hash browns on top of a 2ft diameter pancake that was almost an inch thick.
They set off on their journey to defeat the pancake, but 45min in they could not continue with a quarter still remaining. Although I thought it was impressive that one of the contestants finished a 0.5L bottle of syrup by himself.

We then headed of to Yogi’s Outfitter to buy a couple of stronger headlamps. I carry a very small light for general hiking but I wanted a normal brightness headlamp. We will be getting up well before dawn in order to hike on hard snow before it melts throughout the day.

We then simply lounged about for the afternoon as more people strolled in from the desert.

At dusk Wolf and I headed the mile back to trail so we could get an early start tomorrow.

Wish us luck. I think we will need it to get through the Sierra this year.

P.S Sierra photos are going up as there are so many!

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