Day 36 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles) 

Day 36 – Pacific Crest Trail (18 miles)
We woke up at 4 am and headed straight for the log that would take us across a raging Rock Creek.
The water level had not receded a great deal overnight and the water was lapping over the log slightly.
We decided to give it a go. On hands and knees, I went across. The water touching my gloves and shoes was icy cold so early in the morning.
We continued on and almost immediately hit total snow coverage. It was crusty and made for easy walking and a beautiful sunrise.
7 miles in we hit our second ford of the day. It was the outlet for a lake, so the water was slow moving, mid thigh and easily passable.
3 miles later we hit another ford. This one was raging and had a high snow bank, so we headed up stream looking for a safe place to cross.
On the way up we met 3 other hikers doing the same. Eventually we found our crossing point.
Wolf went first. It was waste deep and he had a little problem adjusting to the current. He made it to the other side and then it was my turn. I made it across with little trouble.
We watched from the bank as the 3 other people came across. They went for the linked arm method. As the first person reached the bank, the first person slipped. I raced down and she grabbed my arm before she went under. A close call!
We had 2 more fords in the afternoon. The second was supposed to be challenging but we found a calm spot so it did not live up to the prediction.
We then began to climb up to Forester Pass. The snow was sun cupped, causing no flat spot to put my feet. On top of this, the snow had reached a melting point that mad it very slippery.

We slowed to a crawl and I began to feel very tired. I assumed I was short on energy, so eat over 1000 calories. It did not help. In fact, I felt worse. What was wrong?
We continued up and I just plodded along behind Wolf.
At 11,000ft we ran into a hiker that had set up camp. We talked to him for 30 min as I eat and drank. Almost instantly following drinking water I felt better. I did not even realise I was dehydrated!

We pushed on to the base of the pass. We were lucky and found a dry patch amongst the sea of snow so we set up camp. It has to be the most beautiful camp site I have ever been apart of.
A challenging, tiring but highly rewarding day.
It is going to be a very cold night!

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