Day 38 – Pacific Crest Trail 

Day 38 – Pacific Crest Trail

A day off in Lone Pine.
Lone Pine is a desert town at the foothills of the Sierra, with uninterrupted views of the mountain peaks 10,000ft (3,000m) above.

I lay in bed for the morning. Catching up on town chores. I ordered more shoes, spoke to my family and watched YouTube.
Eventually, we got hungry, so we headed across the street for all you can eat pizza. There we ran into Pano, Star Crunch and Gees Wizz. They came out of Cottonwood Pass, where we were a few days earlier.

I also walked out of that place so, so full!

We had not seen them for a while. The general discussion shifted from what they have been doing to how we went from Cottonwood Pass to Forester Pass and out Kearsarge. We passed as mich of our experience and advice on to them.

We then went to the grocery store to resupply for the next section to VVR. There are two difficult fords in this section. One of which has been crossed by only one person since the snow bridges melted. It is a 6 day strech. Given the high possibility that we cannot get through we have packed an extra half a day of food for the full days walk to the next valley and around.

It was then NBA final game 4 and bed.

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