Day 4 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

Day 4 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

Today was one of those great days of hiking.

I woke up at the trail angels house, who offered me a lift back out to trail. They dropped me off at a trail head that I eat lunch in the toilet yesterday. I walked this section to the next trailhead yesterday, but thought what the hell. Lets see the ridge that I missed due to the  snow storm.

The day was perfect for hiking. Clear skies, cool temps and a light breeze.

Shortly after setting out, I ran into a few thru hikers that I have been walking with over the last few days. I spent the morning with them and enjoying the views down to the desert floor. At lunch they stopped for a break, while I pushed on.

Not long after leaving them the trail started to leave the ridge for the valley floor and the first desert crossing. It was at this point that I ran into a couple who I started at the boarder with. We continued down to scissors crossing for dinner and a great sunset of Granite Mountain that we just descended.

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