Day 43 – Pacific Crest Trail (23 miles)

Day 43 – Pacific Crest Trail (23 miles)

Wolf was slow waking up this morning. The mosquitos were buzzing so I said I would meet him at the head of the lake in 4.5 miles.
I got to the lake above the snow line and waited. He never showed up. I walked to a choke point about 0.5 miles up and waited for another 30 min. He still did not show. I started looking around and found his shoe prints. In case it was not him, as he wears a very popular shoe, I left a note saying I would head to Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR) in the snow with sticks.

I continued up to the pass and left another note.

I then left the PCT and headed straight for a medow that Bear Creek flows through.
I hope Wolf works it out and he is OK!
Arriving at the crossing I saw a snow bridge and crossed just south of the medow. And the medow was only mid thigh deep anyway.
I then continued to skirt the mountain as I headed for the smaller tributary.

It is kind of funny that I managed to cross a river that by other hikers accounts was impassable. Better yet I did not even get my feet wet!

With that complete my thoughts turned back to Wolf. What should I do? I decided to go down to the summer crossing and wait.

I waited, and waited, and waited. About 3 hours later I decided he was not coming or was in front of me. Either way sitting here was not helping. I would go to VVR and wait. If he did not show up in the morning I would call search and rescue.
I wrote him a huge sign in the snow and headed for VVR.

It was a beautiful walk down Bear Creek but I was anxious about Wolf and did not appreciate it like I ort to.

Arriving at VVR I found Wolf was not there.

I waited and ate. I ate some more and then went with some other guests to find a mobile signal and update the creek crossing info with what I did today.

When I arrived back Wolf was there! He had an extremely slow start to the morning and arrived at our meeting spot just after I left. We then both played the waiting game throughout  the day until he saw my huge sign.

I would not normally worry, but given the snow covered conditions I’m glad he is OK.

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