Day 44 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

Day 44 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

A little throwback to last night. After I finished yesterday’s blog, I spoke to Wolf. Basically, I wanted to increase my milage per day and he was already starting to feel the effects of a pretty ambitious schedule. I opened up to the idea of us parting ways, so long as he felt comfortable that he would make it through to Sonora Pass. If not, I was quite happy to stay with him until the pass and the end of the hard Sierra action.

He was more then happy to hike at the remaining section by himself.
Right there Wolf and I parted ways. We said our goodbyes and went to bed.

Back to today.

I woke at 5am, with Wolf still asleep. I packed up quickly and left VVR.

The first section of trail was a 7 mile (11km) walk along the lake to get back on trail. It was fun cruzing along on a normal trail, without snow, down trees or the like.

Very quickly after arriving back in the PCT I had to cross the second impossible creek crossing, Mono. This turned out easier then the last one. Three logs had fallen together only 100 yards up. I did not have to get wet!

I continued up the hill and faced the trail passing what is normally a little creek, but was now a waterfall. I could not get across safely! I headed back down and crossed at the base of the waterfall and then had a fair scramble up to rejoin the trail.

However, finding the trail did not really matter as almost instantly it disappeared under a layer of snow. I was approaching Silver Pass.

It is one of the more straightforward passes and I was quickly over it. As I wound around the lake on the other side I started to see a lot of footprints. Very shortly I ran into a group of Israel taking lunch. I joined them and during the break they said that there was a group of 12 just ahead.
Besides that I did not know how a group of that size could function, they did an excellent job of flattening out the sun cups. This made walking easier them usual and I did not need to navigate.
The rest of the day would be traversing at 10,000ft (3km). It was south facing so I hoped the trail would be mostly dry.

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