Day 5 – Pacific Crest Trail (29 miles)

Day 5 – Pacific Crest Trail (29 miles)

Waking up to a great sunrise is always a great experience. I packed up quickly and started to head up to the ridge. It was a steady climb and with a fantastic view of the desert valley that we crossed yesterday.

Halfway up I ran into @tomdebruycker and spend the morning talking to him up to 3rd gate and the water cash there.

After having a short nap, I decided that I would have my first big day of the trail and would walk to Eagle Rock for some night photography with the full moon.

As the day progressed the lack of sleep, due to the last storm, started to catch up and I really started to feel tired. I need a nice long sleep tonight!

It was a 13 mile slow decline to the valley. As the afternoon came, the clouds started to build and then lower. Getting some night photos of the rock might not happen.

The last 5 miles is across flat grasslands that closely resembles a sevana. As I walked, fog rolled in and the night photography session was binned.

Instead I went straight to bed at around 6pm. An easy but productive day.

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