Day 6: Pacific Crest Trail (21 miles)

Day 6: Pacific Crest Trail (21 miles)

I woke up to people walking towards Eagle Rock. I slept for 11hr last night! I needed it.
Packing up as a few thru hikers climbed to the top of the monument for a nice photo opportunity.
After my obligatory photo, I set off for the short 3 miles into Warner Springs. Once the hiker box was raided for breakfast and, with my belly full, I decided to stay at the Warner Springs Community centre for the morning.

The mood was buzzing as quite a few people were finished nursing injuries and ready to hit the trail again. All of them loaded up with new Lone Peak trail runners.

After lunch I started walking across the remaining savana, and quickly ran into a couple of hikers from the centre. We chatted for the next 10 miles and walked into the clouds. As the trees started to appear at altitude and the clouds drifted past, the landscape could have been from Jurassic Park.

At this point we reached a water tank that contained nasty looking water. I had two options: Filter and treat it the best I could or push on anther 8.5 miles to the next source with only 0.3L of high quality h2o.

It was coolish in the clouds so all three of us decided the latter and set out at a quick pace. At this point the trail gradually climbed 3000ft (900m) with some striking bolder fields. It was a great section of trail. However, my mind was on the water and I arrived at the next source only slightly parched.

I then pushed on a further 0.5 miles to a trail angels place for a healthy pancake dinner.

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