Day 7 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

Day 7 – Pacific Crest Trail (28 miles)

As today is predicted to be back to classic desert, hot and blue skies, last night I decided to get an early start. My plan is to get to Paradise Cafe 25 miles along the trail.
On a side note: the full moon last night was so bright that it woke me up a few times. Nature’s night light.

First up was a large climb to the top of a ridge. I found going up easy and I am definitely starting to get my trail legs.

The views of the sun rising were brilliant. There was a haze in the air that created layers between the mountains.

The first, and only reliable, water source was a spring 10 miles in. When I got there I was greeted with other hikes proclaiming that they would not drink it and would try the next unreliable water option. I headed down there to have a look. There was plenty of water but a orange slime was on the steam bed. I gathered the water and treated it. It appeared to be so sulfur and sure tasted as such. A bit on the nasty side.

It turned out that I did not need this water as a water cash (generous locals stock a water point with water for hikers coming through) was only 5 miles down the road. I could not bear to tip water out to refill, so continued on with my sulfur blend.

I was greeted at paradise by the hikers I meet in Julian a few days ago. I spoke to them about how they have been while I enjoyed an amazing burger. There were a couple of deep blisters presented but they were in great spirit. They were also going to do the official alternate.

I got back on the trail just before dark to look for a camp spot. About 3 miles and as the sun ducked behind the mountains, I ran into a couple of hikers also looking for a spot. We only found one: they got it and I ended up sleeping nearby on a wide section of trail.

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