Day 8 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

Day 8 – Pacific Crest Trail (24 miles)

I woke up at 5.30 again to beat the heat. Once the other hikers realised I was up, I was privileged with some great guitar work.

I got going quickly through a lovely rocky section that we just entered the night before to look for a camp site.

A few miles in and the trail began to climb, I came up behind Wolf Bird and scared the shit out of him. I have still not worked out a way to avoid this. Any ideas welcome!

We continued up to the ridge and some glorious view down to the valley floor. It has to be one of the better sections of trail so far.

The main point I would like to discuss today is the fear mungering that occurs on trail. Leaving the cafe last night all the talk was about the poodle dog bush is so thick and impassable. What we found was no where need what was described, with only a few bushes well off the trail. Don’t let others insurance your decision,  expecially when they have not done it themselves. The trail is a big game of Chinese whispers.
Rant over: back to the day!

At the junction were the PCT fire closure occurred, we headed down a side trail that connected onto a jeep road. We followed this to a highway and into a camp ground.
My plan was to push onto Idelwild and head up San Jacinto tomorrow. Instead, I was easily convinced to have a few beers by the campground lake.

We moved half a mile to a different, free campground and enjoyed a shower and a sun setting over the mountains.

Fantastic day all round. Great views, great people. Who could ask for more?

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