Day 87 – Pacific Crest Trail (30 Miles)

Day 87 – Pacific Crest Trail (30 Miles)
By 7 John and I were on the road back to the trail. My phone did not charge last night, so I plugged it in hoping that it would increase quickly. I also took in more of the Colombia River Gorge. As we approached Cascade Locks the cliffs on either side grew to an impressive site. What a river.

We parked up just next to the trail. I said goodbye and thanked John for his hospitality. He got back into his car and I was off to Canada.
The first step was to cross the Colombia River on the Bridge of the Gods. I walked up to the pay booth and following a quick conversation left Oregon and entered Washington.

Only one state to go!

I then began the climb back into the mountains from the lowest point on the PCT at 151ft (50m). It was a big climbing day because of this with almost 8,000ft (2.65km) gain. I’m definitely out of Oregon’s rolling hills.

The climb was fantastic. It started off passing blackberries before entering a thick rain forest.
I stopped at a creek about 7 miles in and eat, talking to and sharing an avocado I hiked in with a French guy I met in the Sierra.

We talked for a short while before I packed up and pressed on up the hill.

Near the top blueberries, huckleberry and, my personal favourite, thistle berries appeared in abundance. I collected handfuls for a second lunch.

High up on the ridge, Mt Hood appeared behind me and I got my first view of Mt Adams. I also met a couple who hiked the trail last year.  I stopped and talked to them at one of the lookouts.

I then felt like hiking quickly, so I took off down the trail. Passing moss covered seasonal streams that were still running in mid-August.
I stopped for a quick food and water break 20 miles in, and then began the last climb of the day. It was steeper than what I have had recently,  but I enjoyed the ascent. Upon reaching the top I started running down the other side. I wanted to get to camp quickly so I could have dinner. I was hungry.
I ate and got into bed for an early night.

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