Day 9 – Pacific Crest Trail (21 miles)

Day 9 – Pacific Crest Trail (21 miles)

Starting from the campsite, it was a 7 mile walk into Idelwild and then up to San Jacinto  to complete the mountain fire closure alternative.
A group of 5 hikers (includin coyote and Nicole from Julian) set out on a neglected bike path. About 2 miles in the trail ends and left us a bit confused. Looking into it a bit further, we were a couple of hundred yards from the trail. No idea how that happened.
Back on trail, we pressed on. It was a pretty good walk considering we upgraded from the bike path to a fire road to a sealed suburban road.

In town I had breakfast and we supplied for the 100 mile section to Big Bear. I also had to wait until 1pm to pick up my rain jacket.
It turned out that the rain jacket was delayed and would arrive on Monday. Bloody Amazon! I left details to bounce it on to Wrightwood.

I said goodbye to a very short lived trail family, as all of them were zeroing (no walking for the day) to nurse wounds.

I set out at 2.30 for Devils slide to get back on trail and compete the fire closure. I decided to hit the summit at over 10,000ft (3000m) to catch the sunset.

It was a steep hike, with occasional patches of snow. The views were stunning the whole way up.

I was lucky enough to meet a couple of other thru hikers at the summit. We shared stories, complained about how cold it was and really enjoyed the sun ducked behind the skyline. It was a fantastic sunset, with us looking down on lower mountain peaks poking out of the clouds.
The best day by far!

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